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Deanna Strappelli attended High School in Brighton, Colorado. She went on to attend Metro State University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology in 2011. In college, Deanna participated in the Cold Case club and became a member of the Alpha Phi Sigma - Criminal Justice Honor Society as well as Delta Phi Omega – a Student Organization for Professional Studies. She had the privilege of completing an Internship in her home town at the Adams County Public Defender’s Office for one year. During this time she broke into Criminal Defense Investigation, spending time interviewing witnesses, retrieving court and police records and photographing crime scenes. Deanna concentrated on assisting Attorneys with diligent Investigation to determine facts and circumstances of assigned cases.

In July 2012, Deanna began working extensively on a high profile death penalty case in Colorado. She worked for the post conviction counsel to locate hard-to-find witnesses and conduct comprehensive background searching both locally and nationwide. The experience she acquired on this case has been incalculable. In addition to becoming a sharpened Defense Investigator, Deanna has extensive experience in process service. We have a high standard of diligence and recognize that many serves can become quite difficult and nearly impossible.

Deanna created her Investigative business in June of 2015. She has attended several hours of specialized training in the field of Defense Investigation including but not limited to John Reid Institute for “Interviewing and Interrogation.” In the summer of 2015, she obtained her Level II Private Investigator License in Colorado.

Deanna has also been approved by the OADC Office of Alternate Defense Counsel in the State of Colorado. This state agency provides representation in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases. Lastly, Deanna is a member of NAPPS - National Association of Private Process Servers as well as the PPIAC – Professional Private Investigator Association of Colorado. Deanna continues every day to polish her skills and provide the best possible investigations for her clients.

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