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Pre-dating Background Checks
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Ladies, check that guy out! We don’t just mean to get a load of him in those wranglers. We mean to check him out for your own good. Let’s face it, the dating scene has changed…a lot. Besides the sporadic offers to get set up on a blind date, online dating is now dominating the world. This avenue has proven to be fruitful when looking for that special someone, especially for those who are stepping back into the dating scene after their 40’s. Don’t want to hit up the night clubs or bars? Perhaps this is not the place to find the love of your life, so several folks opt for online dating websites and apps. By all means, you should also check into the guy you met at the local grocers or art gallery down the street.

So you’re falling for him, then what? Do you have your doubts? Are things just not adding up? Why have you only seen one photo of him? You may be scared and nervous and wonder if he’s the real deal. The online world allows for the cultivation of a forged identity not always transparent to the outside world. It’s called “cat-fishing” and it’s as real as the sky is blue. We focus on pre-dating background checks, specialized to offer you a number of options when looking into someone. Are they legit? Do they live where they say they live? So many women are being romantically scammed online and sometimes even financially stripped, left only with the pieces of their broken heart and scratching their heads wondering how they could have let this happen. We can look into them and check them out for you. Our pre-dating background checks are given the same time and attention as pre employment and criminal background checks. Protect yourself, it may save you some heartache, money and dignity in the end. | 720.231.4145

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